50+ Romantic Merry Christmas Messages and Wishes You Need to Know 2023

The word “Christmas” brings different images of fun, enjoyment, and blissfulness to everyone who celebrates this holy festival. Sitting beside the crackling fireplaces and kids singing carols at the doors, and the chilly but enjoyable air during these holidays is worth waiting a whole year for.Shopping weeks before the big day, trips to the malls where our dear Santa hears the wishes of all the little ones – Christmas brings lots of happiness and cherish able moments with your friends, family, and everyone whom you care about. Indeed, it is the most awaited and biggest holiday of the year because it is the time when you get the chance to meet your friends and family.

Some fly half-way across the world to surprise their parents and family, but for some people, it brings a little sadness too, because they may not be able to travel home, due to different reasons and therefore, miss the chance to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.

A lovable text in the morning and some cute calls can make people happy whether they are together or not.  Though you can video chat with people, the joy of sitting beside each other and enjoying the warmth of coffee together is something you can’t experience through technology.

Luckily, we can help you find the best romantic wishes that you can send to your partner. Just saying “Merry Christmas” isn’t enough, here are some of the best wishes that’ll make his/her day memorable.
The holiday season arrives when the whole world is lit with beautiful lights, and the air is filled with the joy of meeting each other, the happiness of gifts, and the overwhelming sense of love.

Sending a beautiful Merry Christmas Wishes to your wife, husband, lover, girlfriend or boyfriend makes the other person remember how much you cherish each other’s true love. But you don’t have to search the whole internet to look for the wish that you could find. Don’t forget to check it out our Merry Christmas Greetings for Girlfriend and Merry Christmas Quotes for Boyfriend.

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We have taken the liberty to furnish a list of more than 50 most Romantic Merry Christmas Wishes that you need. Be sure to send the best one you like or send each single wish. Who cares? It’s Christmas. Make sure to remind him/her that how much you mean to him/her and why their companionship is the best. And yes, we also wish a Merry Christmas Messages and a sparkling love filled New Year to you as well your lover.  Now find the best wishes for your true love.

Romantic Merry Christmas Wishes 2023

We met, we fought, and we conquered. We are stronger for all the challenges we faced getting here. May our love grow stronger, with every Christmas season we spend together.

They say happiness can’t be measured in concrete terms, and that may be true. It is sufficient that we have Christmas to remind us that happiness, love, and goodwill are the real things that uplift our lives. Thank you for making my life sweeter since I met you, my love.

I cannot imagine a Christmas without your loving presence. Merry Christmas my darling!

You are the Christmas Present
I’ve wanted all these years.
You are perfect
Just the way you are.
Have a Beautiful Christmas

Our love is a precious treasure that no gift beneath the tree can match in worth. Thank you and Merry Christmas, my love.

You make the stars shinier and the winter days warmer just by being in my life. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the season for spending time with those we love most. I am so glad to spend it with you!

I don’t need to receive gifts this Christmas
For I already have the best gift one can ever receive.
The present given by God, of being with someone I love.
Merry Christmas to you, my dear!

This Christmas,
I am sending you a LOVE CAKE baked with:
1 cup of love
2 cups of trust
1 cups of devotion
And a dash of charm
Merry Christmas, enjoy your gift!

You are my true love and
I am thankful for God that I won your heart.
Merry Christmas.

Romantic Merry Christmas Messages 2023

Christmas is so much more magical when I am with you. Merry Christmas to my treasured one!

I wish you so much goodwill this Christmas! I give you all of my love, from the deepest place in my heart!

We don’t need to kiss under the mistletoe to show our love, but let’s do it anyway! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to the most lovable person in the world! Words can never describe how grateful I am for you.

My dear, you filled my life with so much joy and fun. I wish you the best Christmas ever this year!

Each day of my life is like a joyful Christmas morning with you by my side. Merry Christmas!

Even if you repeatedly make me cry,
I am hoping that someday you will still change.
Besides the essence of Christmas is the birth of hope that saved us all.
Celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

I want you to know the truth that I love you so much!
I am more than willing to share my life with you.
Merry Christmas.

This Christmas is very special for me because
I am having a special person whom I love the most, to think about
Merry Christmas my love!

You are my love and hope,
Everything seems more pleasant when you’re around.
I hope this love will be forever.
Merry Christmas dear.

Cute Romantic Merry Christmas Greetings 2023

 Our Christmas together will be so sweet and lovely  – I love you with all my heart.

What a romantic Christmas we’ll have together. We can make memories.

Our first Christmas and this is very special for me– I love you so much.

Merry Christmas to my life partner. Our love will sustain for many Christmases to come.

To me, you sparkle like the lights on the Christmas tree. Love and kisses to you.

Let’s wrap up my love in beautiful Christmas paper, open it up on Christmas and share it all year long.

Please stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a kiss from me. While you’re at it, give yourself a hug. Then have the best Christmas ever.

My wishes for you today are simple – comfort, warmth, joy, and me in your holiday stocking waiting for you to open it.

Santa’s list just got complicated. How can that fat elf put someone on the “naughty” list, who is so good at being nice?

For the world, you may be only a single person,
But to one person you are the whole world,
I thank God for giving me the person as wonderful as you. Merry Christmas.

Romantic Merry Christmas Quotes 2023

Let’s kiss For Christmas,
For our love is become strong,
Let’s kiss For Christmas,
Together is where we belong.

A very Happy New Year my sweetheart.
Hope this New Year will come with full of your love, hugs, and kisses.

I can never be on Santa’s nice list, because just thinking about you makes me naughty.
Merry Christmas.

All I asked Him was
Is there a better girl in this world than you?
Merry Christmas Sweetheart.

Sweetheart my heart is merry & bright,
& my world is full of joy.
Do you know why?
It is all because of you.
You are my most golden gift come true.
Merry X-mas Sweetheart.

Let’s Kiss 4 Christmas.
4 our love is strong.
Let’s Kiss 4 Christmas.
2gether is where we belong.
With the passion so much brighter,
Than any bright light,
We’ve waited so long,
& prayed 4 this night.
Let’s Kiss 4 Christmas.
Let’s Kiss 4 Christmas.

This Christmas I want you as my life partner, so don’t worry about my gift. Letting me be yours is the best gift anyone could ask for.

You are as beautiful as a princess, as sweet as a Christmas cookie, and as loving as the whole season. Thank you for making my Christmas wonderful.

Distances don’t matter, and you shall always be in my heart this holiday season. I hope you feel my love and enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Santa surely received my letter because having you in my life is what I asked him for. Thank you for being my Christmas angel.

 Love Merry X’mas Card Quotes 2023

I wish a hundred choirs would show up at my home door singing Christmas. I wish you could be one of them.

I get jubilant when Santa rings his bells on every corner. My holidays are wonderful now that they include you.

Even Santa may be making a list and checking it two times, but I knew, the first time I saw you, what I wanted for my whole life.

Rudolph says Santa brought me something I really will like for rest of my life. I think he means you.

I want 2 tell you.
Just how loved you are to me.
My every thought of you makes me full of love.
My heart is totally filled with things.
That words alone can’t say.
This comes mainly for you.
With love on Christmas Day.

I am thankful to God for having a boyfriend like you. Wishing you blessings for the holidays and the coming year.

If God gives me one gift this Christmas, it would be you and your beautiful relationship! Merry Christmas!

I look so forward to Christmas together. Merry Christmas, sweetheart!

If I could pack my love for you and wrap it in ribbon, I would. Merry Christmas, my love!

Christmas is so beautiful with you here. Let us carry this beauty all year long!

I dream about you every single night
I shiver when you’re in sight
I long to hold you close and tight
I want to be there in your life with all my might
I am just hoping I’m the girl who is right

On this Christmas, remember this day that you give to others is just coming back to you.
So be joyful & make others joyful too! Merry Christmas

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